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Outdoor Products

natural insect repellent essential oil blend, lemon eucalyptus and cedar Hey, You. Shoo.

Safe, Natural, Effective Bug Spray

Price: $16.75
muscle magic arnica oil Muscle Magic Arnica Oil

Arnica Muscle Rub

Price: $14.75
Herbal Adventures Book Herbal Adventures

Written by LüSa founder Rachel Wolf

Price: $24.99
natural vanilla cedar natural gnat black fly repellent Gnat & Black Fly Spray

Effective & Natural Gnat Spray

Price: $13.95
The Unplugged Family Activity Book The Unplugged Family Activity Book (pre-order)

Written by LüSa founder Rachel Jepson Wolf

Price: $22.99
natural organic skin care handmade baby balm Cheek & Chin Balm

Gentle Touch

Price: $6.95
natural skin care balm Da Balm (1.75-oz tin)

Gentle, Effective Rash Care

Price: $9.50
Sunshine Butter Sunshine Butter

With 20% Zinc Oxide

Price: $9.25
LuSa Organics Forager's Tote LüSa Organics Messenger Tote

Nature Nurtures

Price: $24.00
organic garden balm nitch n'itch chickweed N'Itch Stick

Gardener's Friend

Price: $6.25
Better Balm (1.75-oz. tin) Better Balm (1.75-oz. tin)

Magic Touch

Price: $9.50