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Sustainable Hair Care

Dry Shampoo Dry Shampoo

for all hair types

Price: $12.75
Organic Hair Detangler Hair Detangler & Conditioning Mist

it's like peace in a spritz bottle

Price: $18.95
Herbal Hair Rinse Conditioner Herbal Conditioning Hair Rinse

where the magic happens

Price: $16.95
Forest Shampoo Bar and Shaving Soap Forest Shampoo Bar and Shaving Soap

your everything bar!

Price: $6.35
Garden Shampoo Shaving Bar Garden Shampoo and Shaving Bar

peppermint, rosemary, & lavender

Price: $6.35
unscented organic herbal shampoo bar Unscented Herbal Shampoo Bar

unscented herbal shampoo

Price: $6.15