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Herbal Adventures
Herbal Adventures Book

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"A real gem... a perfect beginners' book no matter your age."
— Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and author

Pack up your own foraging kit, and get crafty making seed bombs, flower crowns, and your own homemade plant press. What are you waiting for? All this and more awaits you on your next herbal adventure!

Herbal Adventures includes recipes and instructions for making:
  • Elderberry syrup
  • Herbal chai
  • Dandelion honey
  • Herbal first aid balm
  • Chickweed pesto
  • Herbal cough syrup
  • Pine needle tea
  • Sore throat soother
  • Splinter and sting salve
  • Plus dozens more herbal teas, snacks, oils, and balms!

Written by LüSa Organics owner and founder Rachel Wolf, Herbal Adventures is just the thing to get your herbal journey started. In Herbal Adventures, you'll pull on your boots and discover the magical plants that are growing just beyond your door. Explore nearby parks, fields, and forests, then make all sorts of tasty and useful things for your family and friends! Start with a delicious homemade soda, flower petal pancakes, or a soothing balm for cuts and scrapes. Sip herbal tea that's fit for the fairies, craft syrup to quiet your cough, and assemble supplies for your own rough-and-tumble herbal first aid kit. You can also skip the foraging and dive into making the recipes with purchased, dried herbs.

Add a comment of "DOUBLE HERB BONUS" to your order notes when you purchase Herbal Adventures, and we'll include a free herbal lip balm of our choice and a free scratch-and-dent bar of soap. It's our way of saying thanks for buying direct! (Offer good for retail customers only. Not valid with additional coupons or discounts.)

If you'd like your copy signed, just let us know in the order notes!

176 pages
Price: $24.99


Written by LüSa founder Rachel Wolf

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