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Shoo Natural Insect Spray
natural insect repellent essential oil blend, lemon eucalyptus and cedar
Even Mothering Magazine agrees: Shoo is safe, natural, effective bug spray for the whole family.

We were amazed by our early prototypes of our bug spray. Our product testers were literally showing up at our door looking for more when their samples ran out. Our secret ingredient for mosquitoes is lemon eucalyptus essential oil - a natural oil that is as effective as DEET is for discouraging insect bites (in preliminary research trials). Rose geranium essential oil is an effective tick repellent, and cedar EO works wonders at keeping black flies at bay. With a simple, safe ingredients list, you can be confident using this blend on the whole family (babies and kids over six months of age).

Not available for delivery to Canada.

Wholesale customers: please note that travel size does not have a UPC code.
Price: $14.75

Choose Size:*:
Large (8 oz.) sprayer top- $16.75
Regular (4 oz.) sprayer top- $12.25
Refill (8 oz.) screw top- $16.15

Ingredients Directions
*Aloe vera juice, *witch hazel distillate, and essential oils of lemon eucalyptus, cedarwood, citronella and rose geranium.

*organic ingredient

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