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Da Balm
natural skin care balm

From insect bites to eczema to garden rash, find comfort here. Gentle, safe, and effective rash care for the whole family.

Now in recyclable, US-made steel packaging.

For sensitive or eczema-prone skin, try our Calendula Baby Soap.

And if you are struggling with eczema, learn how to heal from the inside out - on our blog.

Size: 1.75 oz.
Price: $10.75


*Olive oil, *evening primrose oil, hemp seed oil, *beeswax, *avocado oil, *licorice, *burdock, *comfrey, *chickweed, *calendula, *plantain, *chamomile, *neem oil, and essential oil blend (lavender and chamomile).

*organic ingredient