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New Moon Bath Tea
menstruation herbal bath salts

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Steep, soak, relax

Take comfort during or before your moon cycle. Our New Moon Bath Tea is the perfect way to unwind, recenter, and find ease.

To Use: Before your bath, place 1 cup of Herbal Bath Salts into a pre-warmed quart jar, then fill with freshly boiled water. (Pre-warm your jar by running it under hot water. This will prevent the jar from breaking when boiling water is added.) Cover loosely with a jar lid, and steep for up to 30 minutes. (If you’re in a hurry for your bath, 5 minutes will suffice, though a longer infusion is best.) Pour infused water through a strainer directly into the bathtub. Compost or discard herbs. Fill with warm water and enjoy a long, relaxing soak.

This product is also sold in the New Moon Collection (pictured).
Size: 14 oz.
Price: $12.75


Ingredients: Epsom salt, *lavender, *yarrow, *rose, *chamomile, and *lemon balm.

*organic ingredient

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