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New Moon Collection
new moon menstruation collection for preteen teen

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Puberty is normal!

The New Moon Collection is a healthy, relaxed introduction to hormones, puberty, and the normal changes our bodies go through when menstruation begins. This delightful gift can open the door to meaningful conversations, or simply serve as a quiet way to acknowledge this important transition.

The collection contains several products that help support a healthy, happy menstrual cycle, plus a down-to-earth guide to taking care of your body naturally–during your cycle and all month long. The New Moon Booklet includes common sense health tips, tools to manage discomfort during your cycle, and a couple of easy to make DIY recipes. Also included is a book list for those wanting to learn even more.

The collection includes:
.8 oz. Moon Balm
2.5 oz. Unscented Magnesium Mist
14 oz. Herbal Bath Salts
1 hand-poured beeswax candle
Raspberry Leaf Tea (assorted: kits will contain either bags or loose leaf tea)
and a 26 page New Moon Booklet, A Menstruation & Puberty Guide for Teens and Preteens.

All menstruating teens are welcome! Inclusive language is used throughout.

Discreetly (and sustainably) packaged; it makes a thoughtful gift.

Price: $46.00




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