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Baby Wipe Juice: New Formula FAQs

What we changed and why we changed it...


Baby Wipe JuiceWhat is different about Baby Wipe Juice?
We changed a single ingredient: our emulsifier. We replaced Polysorbate-20 (PS20) with made-in-the-US, certified organic lecithin.

Why change a great thing?
Put simply, safety is our top priority. Especially when it comes to products for babies! That means we're always looking for the healthiest, safest ingredients to use in our products. When questions arose about the safety of PS20 we found a safer, more natural ingredient to do the job.

What changes will I notice at home?
One side effect of our old emulsifier was that it cause our product to thicken. It also had a milky color that remained once the Wipe Juice was diluted with water. This means you'll notice a thinner pour right out of the bottle and a more transparent mix after dilution. Also, lecithin requires a slightly more enthusiastic shake to fully blend. Aside from that our new formula is identical to the old one.

Does it work as well as the old formula?
Absolutely! We left in all the good stuff that has made Baby Wipe Juice great for more than a decade. Ingredients like moisture-rich calendula-infused olive oil, aloe vera juice, organic witch hazel, and pure essential oils.

Tips for Success

Baby Wipe Juice1. Shake well! We mean it. Give your Wipe Juice Bottle a good 30 seconds of vigorous shaking before you pour. (The old formula mixed well with a wimpy, half-hearted shake, but the new formula wants you to put your heart in it.) It's not hard. And we think it's a worthwhile trade-off for a safer product for your little one.

2. Mix and pour. Add 1 - 3 tsp of well-shaken Baby Wipe Juice to 1 c of water. Stir to combine (if needed) then immediately pour over cloth or disposable wipes. This distributes the good stuff perfectly onto every wipe. If you mix and don't pour until later, expect to see some separation. That's because we don't add unnecessary synthetic stabilizers. Just give it another stir before pouring.

3. Easy does it. Add just enough solution to moisten -- not drench -- your wipes. A puddle of wipe solution in your wipes tub will cause the calendula infusion to separate and float on the top. While it's still safe to use, we find it best to pour just enough for a single batch.

4. Spray bottle success: If you use Baby Wipe Juice in a spray bottle, you'll notice the new formula is more transparent than the old one. But nothing is missing! All the good stuff is still in the bottle. Because we don't add any synthetic stabilizers you will also notice more separation between uses (a golden calendula infusion layer floating on top of the clear witch-hazel and aloe layer). Simply give it a vigorous shake before each use. Easy peasy.

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