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Handcrafted Soap


"Every morning when I step into the bathroom and I smell your soap, it puts HUGE smile on my face. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product!"
Pete I., Hoffman Estates, IL

"I wanted to buy soap from you at the Green Festival, but as I currently work for another body care company, I resisted. When I checked out your website a few days later I just couldn't help myself! I love most products from the company I work for, but your soaps look positively amazing. I couldn't resist .... shhhh, so don't tell on me please. ;)"
Anonymous, Chicago, IL

"I just placed my order and can't wait for the peace and solace
which I find in your products... It takes me away from the hectic, stressful craziness and brings me joy. Thank you for such a healthy natural product that renews one throughout life's chaos!"
Linda S., Tulsa, OK

"I purchased a few bars of your soaps at the farmers' market. I can't tell you how much I LOVE them! I'm a customer for life! Thank you! Keep up the great suds!"
Kelly K., Sullivan, WI

"Not only do I love the smell and lather of your soap, but I can use it on my face without any trouble whatsoever. I didn't think I could enjoy soap this much! Thanks for such a great and natural product!"
Ann G., St. Paul, MN


Want to waste less and spend less? Then buy your soaps naked! Naked soap is the same as our boxed variety, but delivered without the packaging. No box, no sticker, no waste. Just soap, already naked and ready for the tub.