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DIY Organic Lip Balm Kit DIY Organic Lip Balm Kit

Makes 15 Large Balms

Price: $36.55
zero waste dish soap Zero Waste Dish Soap

Plastic-Free & Long-Lasting

Price: $6.95
Eye Serum Eye Serum

Rose Hip & Carrotseed

Price: $22.95
muscle magic arnica oil Muscle Magic Arnica Oil

Arnica Muscle Rub

Price: $14.75
Teen Acne Roll-On Acne Roll-On

Formulated for Teens

Price: $14.25
Dry Shampoo Dry Shampoo

For All Hair Types

Price: $12.75
Herbal Adventures Book Herbal Adventures

Written by LüSa founder Rachel Wolf

Price: $24.99
peppermint, ginger, spearmint, lavender, lemon, frankincense, essential oil drops, aromatherapy, vaporizer, diffuser, therapeutic, pregnancy, morning sickness Tummy Tonic Essential Oil Roll-On

Ginger, Peppermint, & Lavender

Price: $10.75
compostable bamboo toothbrush Bamboo Toothbrush

Compostable Handle

Price: $3.25
organic remineralizing tooth soap toothpaste Tangerine Tooth Soap

For Clean, Healthy Teeth

Price: $6.75
organic remineralizing tooth powder toothpaste Mineral Tooth Powder

For a Healthy Smile

Price: $8.55
natural vanilla cedar natural gnat black fly repellent Gnat & Black Fly Spray

Effective & Natural Gnat Spray

Price: $13.95
Biodegradable Dish Scourer Dish Scourer

Compostable Bristles

Price: $4.50
plastic-free dish brush Dish Brush

Biodegradable Bristles + Handle

Price: $7.75
The Unplugged Family Activity Book The Unplugged Family Activity Book (pre-order)

Written by LüSa founder Rachel Jepson Wolf

Price: $22.99
Naked Booty Naked Booty (unscented Booty Balm®)

Unscented Booty Balm®

Price: $8.95
Sensitive Skin Deodorant Sensitive Skin Deodorant (Biodegradable Ecotube)

Price: $10.35
new moon menstruation collection for preteen teen New Moon Collection

For Menstruating Teens and Preteens

Price: $46.00
abdominal menstruation womb massage balm New Moon Balm

Moon Balm for Your Moon Cycle

Price: $16.75
menstruation herbal bath salts New Moon Bath Tea

Herbal Moon Bath

Price: $12.75
magnesium oil mist mg spray New Moon Magnesium Mist

Magical Magnesium

Price: $8.75
unbleached bamboo cloth diaper wipes baby Washable Bamboo Wipes (Single)

Bamboo Washcloth/Washable Wipe

Price: $2.50
amber teething necklace Limited Edition Amber Teething Necklace

Amber Teething Necklace

Price: $25.00
Organic Hair Detangler Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler

Shiny, Healthy Hair

Price: $18.95
Herbal Hair Rinse Conditioner Herbal Hair Rinse Conditioner

Price: $16.95
recyclable mason jars made in USA LuSa Herbal Drinking Jar

Made in the USA

Price: $16.25
natural organic handmade body skin care The Love Bomb

for frontline heroes

Price: $30.50
LuSa Treasure Box LüSa Treasure Box

Limited Edition Body Care

Price: $56.75