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Refillable Bamboo Dental Floss
biodegradable dental floss
Plastic-free Dental Floss

When we started limiting how much plastic we were bringing into our home, floss what a tricky one to navigate! We wanted something that was vegan and biodegradable, and we loved the idea of a refillable, plastic-free container. At last, we found it!

Choose from Refillable Dental Floss (glass and steel container) or Dental Floss Refill (two-pack of floss refills, packaged in a cardboard box)

With activated charcoal.
Price: $9.95

Refillable Bamboo Dental Floss - $9.95
Bamboo Dental Floss Refill (2-Pack) - $12.75

Refillable glass + steel container.

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