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Hand & Body Soap

eucalyptus lavender natural handmade organic soap Breathe Soap

eucalyptus & lavender

Price: $6.35
sandalwood patchouli natural handmade organic soap Dancin' Fool Soap

sandalwood & patchouli

Price: $6.35
lavender rosemary natural handmade organic soap Earth Child Soap

facial bar for oily skin

Price: $6.35
gingerbread holiday soap Gingerbread Limited Edition Holiday Soap

ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon

Price: $6.95
Limited Edition Holiday Soap Collection Holiday Soap Collection

holiday soap collection

Price: $20.85
lemongrass ginger natural handmade organic soap Lemongrass Soap

lemongrass & ginger

Price: $6.35
lavender chamomile natural handmade organic soap Lullaby Soap

lavender & chamomile

Price: $6.35
mini holiday soap collection Mini Holiday Soap Collection

perfect little something

Price: $10.25
herbal outdoors soap garden woods N'Itch Soap for Gardeners and Hikers

infused with six organic botanicals

Price: $6.35
eucalyptus mint natural handmade organic soap North Shore Soap

eucalyptus & mint

Price: $6.35
orange pomander holiday soap Orange Pomander Limited Edition Holiday Soap

clove, cinnamon, and sweet orange

Price: $6.95
cedar sage natural handmade organic soap Purification Soap

cedar & sage

Price: $6.35
orange cinnamon natural handmade organic soap Salute to the Sun Soap

spicy orange & cinnamon

Price: $6.35
all-natural handmade soap Soap of the Month Club Subscription

subscriptions of 6 or 12 months

Price: $125.00
citrus natural handmade organic soap Sunny Bliss

sweet orange & clementine

Price: $6.35
tangerine peppermint natural handmade organic soap Sweet Soul Sister Soap

tangerine & peppermint

Price: $6.35
patchouli orange lavender natural handmade organic soap Time Travel Soap

patchouli, orange, & lavender

Price: $6.35
vetiver patchouli natural organic handmade soap Tofani (Naughty) Soap

vetiver & patchouli

Price: $6.35
calendula natural handmade organic baby soap Unscented Calendula Baby Soap

starting with their very first bath

Price: $6.35
Vanilla Almond Soap Vanilla Almond Soap

sweet & delightful

Price: $6.35
Woodland Spice Soap Woodland Spice Soap

warm & woodsy

Price: $6.35
woodland walk holiday soap Woodland Walk Limited Edition Holiday Soap

cedar, pine, and coriander

Price: $6.95

Want to waste less and spend less? Then buy your soaps naked! Naked soap is the same as our boxed variety, but delivered without the packaging. No box, no sticker, no waste. Just soap, already naked and ready for the tub.