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Dream Mist
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Dream Mist

A LüSa Treasure Box overstock. Contains only the single product listed above, not the group of products pictured.

Mugwort (artemisia) is a highly regarded herb for dream time. We’ve paired a fresh mugwort infusion with wood betony, lavender, and rose for the sweetest of dreams. Mist bed linens and pillows lightly before sleep. Sweet dreams!

Thanks to our dear friend Alyson Morgan who generously shared her mugwort and wood betony harvest with us to create this blend.

Size: 2 fl. oz.
Price: $24.95


Ingredients: *witch hazel, *mugwort, *wood betony, *rose buds, *lavender, and essential oils of tangerine, lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and palo santo.
*organic ingredient

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