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Zero-Waste Dish Soap Bar (big 1 pound block)
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Zero-Waste Dish Soap Bar (big 1 pound block)

A LüSa Treasure Box overstock. Contains only the single product listed above, not the group of products pictured.

Ditch that bottle. Our zero-waste dish bar is long-lasting, effective, and plastic-free! Store on a saucer beside your sink. To use, rub gently with a dish cloth or scrub brush for washing up. Don’t expect bubbles like you get from the bottle, but do count on sparkling clean dishes and a light, nontoxic lather. For best results rinse dishes with hot water. (Also makes an excellent stain-stick for laundry!) This bar may have some slight cosmetic imperfections. One dish block weighs in at a full 1 pound (4x the size of a regular bar of soap), and will replace up to eight bottles of regular dish soap.
Size: 1 lb.
Price: $19.75


Ingredients: saponified oils of *coconut and *olive; sea salt, french green clay, and sweet orange essential oil.
*organic ingredient

In the spirit of zero waste, bar soaps are shipped packaging-free.

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