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Herbal Facial Toner
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Herbal Facial Toner

A LüSa Treasure Box overstock. Contains only the single product listed above, not the group of products pictured.

Herbal facial toner infused with ten botanicals.

Wash face as usual with LüSa Facial Cleansing Oil or Charcoal Facial Bar. Apply toner to wash cloths or your washable toner pads, and apply to face and neck to help tighten pores and nourish skin. Apply using gentle upward sweeping strokes. Allow skin to air dry. If desired, follow with a drop of Facial Elixir or Facial Cleansing Oil and Moisturizer emulsified with water. Discontinue use if irritation develops.

Size: 4 fl. oz.
Price: $24.75


Ingredients: *witch hazel, distilled water, *plantain, *calendula, *chamomile, *raspberry leaf, *lavender, *rose, *chickweed, *nettle, *yarrow, and *comfrey leaf.

*organic ingredient

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