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Mama Massage Oil
mama massage oil organic skin care lavender

Relax and connect.

As your body transforms during these nine months, take time to relax and connect with yourself and your growing baby. Massage is a wonderful (often overlooked) addition to your prenatal care. Also enjoy in a warm bath to scent and moisturize. Relax, connect, renew.

Size: 2 fl. oz.

Give your baby the same luxury with Baby Bath and Massage Oil.
Price: $6.47


*Olive oil, *jojoba oil, *avocado oil, essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang.

*organic ingredient

What's up with the plastic packaging? We made a commitment in 2019 to reduce our plastic use by 80%. We did even better than that, hitting closer to 95%, yet here we are, still using plastic. Why? Because we were overstocked on both packaging and labels for this product. Disposing of of our overstock didn't feel sustainable of us, so we committed to using them up before switching to more eco-friendly packing. It felt like the very best solution.

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