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New Products & Merchandise

Luxurious Coconut Milk Bath Coconut Milk Bath

bergamot & coriander

Price: $16.25
magnesium oil Lavender Magnesium Mist

oh, mg! just chill.

Price: $11.35
DIY Organic Lip Balm Kit DIY Organic Lip Balm Kit

makes 15 large balms

Price: $39.95
zero waste dish soap Zero-Waste Dish Soap

plastic-free & long-lasting

Price: $6.95
Organic Herbal Facial Steam Organic Herbal Facial Steam

hello, gorgeous

Price: $26.95
Papaya Facial Cleanser Papaya Facial Cleanser

enzymatic cleanser

Price: $23.25
Fresh Organic Lime Hydrosol Fresh Lime Hydrosol

fresh facial toner

Price: $14.75
Juniper & Sage Deodorant Juniper & Sage Deodorant (Biodegradable Ecotube)

flannel shirt optional

Price: $11.25
Lavender & Bergamot Deodorant Lavender & Bergamot Deodorant (Biodegradable Ecotube)

sweet & sassy, just like you

Price: $11.25
Eye Serum Eye Serum

rose hip & carrot seed

Price: $22.95
muscle magic arnica oil Muscle Magic Arnica Oil

your muscles will thank you

Price: $16.25
Teen Acne Roll-On Acne Roll-On

zits are the pits

Price: $14.25
Dry Shampoo Dry Shampoo

for all hair types

Price: $12.75
Herbal Adventures Book Herbal Adventures

written by LüSa founder Rachel Wolf

Price: $24.99
compostable bamboo toothbrush Bamboo Toothbrush

compostable handle

Price: $3.25
organic remineralizing tooth soap toothpaste Tangerine Tooth Soap

your cleanest mouth ever (plus: no swearing!)

Price: $6.75
organic remineralizing tooth powder toothpaste Mineral Tooth Powder

for a healthy smile

Price: $8.45
natural vanilla cedar natural gnat black fly repellent Shoo FLY (Gnat & Black Fly Spray)

effective & natural gnat spray

Price: $13.95
Biodegradable Dish Scourer Dish Scourer

compostable bristles

Price: $5.45
The Unplugged Family Activity Book The Unplugged Family Activity Book

written by LüSa founder Rachel Jepson Wolf

Price: $22.99
herbal facial toner Herbal Facial Toner

probiotic toner for healthy skin

Price: $26.75
plastic-free fingernail brush Hand + Nail Brush

long-lasting nail brush

Price: $6.95
plastic-free dish brush Bamboo Dish Brush

replaceable head

Price: $12.00
Peaceful Mind Mask Mist Peaceful Mind Mask & Body Mist

limited edition product

Price: $24.95
Sunshine Powder with 20% non-nano zinc Sunshine Powder

hey there, sunshine!

Price: $12.75
biodegradable dental floss Refillable Bamboo Dental Floss

compostable + refillable

Price: $9.95
Naked Booty Naked Booty (unscented Booty Balm®)

EO-free for your sweet pea

Price: $10.75
new moon menstruation collection for preteen teen New Moon Collection

for menstruating teens and preteens

Price: $46.95
abdominal menstruation womb massage balm New Moon Balm

for your moon cycle

Price: $16.75
menstruation herbal bath salts New Moon Bath Tea

herbal moon bath

Price: $12.75
magnesium oil mist mg spray New Moon Magnesium Mist

oh mg!

Price: $8.75
natural organic skin care handmade baby wipe juice EO-free Naked Baby Wipe Juice

scent-free baby wipes in under a minute

Price: $9.65
hand sanitizer alcohol aloe lavender hand cleanser Aloe & Alcohol Hand Cleanser (70% alcohol sanitizer)

alcohol & aloe hand cleanser

Price: $6.95
Organic Hair Detangler Hair Detangler & Conditioning Mist

it's like peace in a spritz bottle

Price: $18.95
Herbal Hair Rinse Conditioner Herbal Conditioning Hair Rinse

where the magic happens

Price: $16.95
after-sun spray After Sun Spray

sun-kissed body mist

Price: $16.75
organic pregnancy labor birth massage oil Belly & Birth Oil (unscented product)

superhero sauce for your pregnancy & delivery

Price: $14.25
organic lip balm, chemical-free, avocado oil, castor oil, beeswax, evening primrose oil, lemon balm, tulsi, holy basil, calendula Lemon Balm Lip Balm (zero-waste, biodegradable ecotube)

cold sores are out, heathy skin is in!

Price: $4.75
organic lip balm, chemical-free, avocado oil, beeswax, tea tree, peppermint Tea Tree & Mint Lip Balm (zero-waste, biodegradable ecotube)

tingly goodness for the driest lips

Price: $4.75
unscented organic herbal shampoo bar Unscented Herbal Shampoo Bar

unscented herbal shampoo

Price: $6.15
citrus natural handmade organic soap Sunny Bliss

sweet orange & clementine

Price: $6.35
herbal outdoors soap garden woods N'Itch Soap for Gardeners and Hikers

infused with six organic botanicals

Price: $6.35
Facial Spa Collection Facial Spa Collection

luxurious facial care

Price: $125.50