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New Products & Merchandise

magnesium oil Lavender Magnesium Mist

Oh, Mg! Just chill.

Price: $11.35
DIY Organic Lip Balm Kit DIY Organic Lip Balm Kit

Makes 15 Large Balms

Price: $36.55
zero waste dish soap Zero Waste Dish Soap

Plastic-Free & Long-Lasting

Price: $6.95
Juniper & Sage Deodorant Juniper & Sage Deodorant (Biodegradable Ecotube)

flannel shirt optional

Price: $10.35
Lavender & Bergamot Deodorant Lavender & Bergamot Deodorant (Biodegradable Ecotube)

sweet & sassy, just like you

Price: $10.35
Eye Serum Eye Serum

Rose Hip & Carrotseed

Price: $22.95
muscle magic arnica oil Muscle Magic Arnica Oil

your muscles will thank you

Price: $14.75
Teen Acne Roll-On Acne Roll-On

zits are the pits

Price: $14.25
Dry Shampoo Dry Shampoo

For All Hair Types

Price: $12.75
Herbal Adventures Book Herbal Adventures

Written by LüSa founder Rachel Wolf

Price: $24.99
compostable bamboo toothbrush Bamboo Toothbrush

Compostable Handle

Price: $3.25
organic remineralizing tooth soap toothpaste Tangerine Tooth Soap

your cleanest mouth ever (plus: no swearig!)

Price: $6.75
organic remineralizing tooth powder toothpaste Mineral Tooth Powder

For a Healthy Smile

Price: $8.45
natural vanilla cedar natural gnat black fly repellent Shoo FLY (Gnat & Black Fly Spray)

Effective & Natural Gnat Spray

Price: $13.95
Biodegradable Dish Scourer Dish Scourer

Compostable Bristles

Price: $4.50
The Unplugged Family Activity Book The Unplugged Family Activity Book

Written by LüSa founder Rachel Jepson Wolf

Price: $22.99
herbal facial toner Herbal Facial Toner

probiotic toner for healthy skin

Price: $26.75
plastic-free fingernail brush Hand + Nail Brush

Long-Lasting Nail Brush

Price: $6.95
plastic-free dish brush Bamboo Dish Brush

Replacable Head

Price: $12.00
Peaceful Mind Mask Mist Peaceful Mind Mask & Body Mist

Limited Edition Product

Price: $24.95
Sunshine Powder with 20% non-nano zinc Sunshine Powder

Hey there, sunshine!

Price: $12.75
biodegradable dental floss Refillable Bamboo Dental Floss

Compostable + Refillable

Price: $9.95
Naked Booty Naked Booty (unscented Booty Balm®)

EO-free for your sweet pea

Price: $8.95
new moon menstruation collection for preteen teen New Moon Collection

For Menstruating Teens and Preteens

Price: $46.00
abdominal menstruation womb massage balm New Moon Balm

Moon Balm for Your Moon Cycle

Price: $16.75
menstruation herbal bath salts New Moon Bath Tea

Herbal Moon Bath

Price: $12.75
magnesium oil mist mg spray New Moon Magnesium Mist

Oh Mg!

Price: $8.75
amber teething necklace Limited Edition Amber Teething Necklace

Amber Teething Necklace

Price: $25.00
stone soap dish Stone Soap Dish

salvaged stone dish soap holder

Price: $4.75
natural organic skin care handmade baby wipe juice EO-free Naked Baby Wipe Juice

scent-free baby wipes in under a minute

Price: $9.35
hand sanitizer alcohol aloe lavender hand cleanser Aloe & Alcohol Hand Cleanser (70% alcohol sanitizer)

Alcohol & Aloe Hand Cleanser

Price: $6.95
Organic Hair Detangler Hair Detangler & Conditioning Mist

it's like peace in a spritz bottle

Price: $18.95
Herbal Hair Rinse Conditioner Herbal Conditioning Hair Rinse

where the magic happens

Price: $16.95
after-sun spray After Sun Spray

Sun-Kissed Body Mist

Price: $16.75
organic pregnancy labor birth massage oil Belly & Birth Oil (unscented product)

superhero sauce for your pregnancy & delivery

Price: $9.95
recyclable mason jars made in USA LuSa Herbal Drinking Jar

Made in the USA

Price: $16.25
organic lip balm, chemical-free, avocado oil, castor oil, beeswax, evening primrose oil, lemon balm, tulsi, holy basil, calendula Lemon Balm Lip Balm (zero-waste, biodegradable ecotube)

cold sores are out, heathy skin is in!

Price: $4.65
organic lip balm, chemical-free, avocado oil, beeswax, tea tree, peppermint Tea Tree & Mint Lip Balm (zero-waste, biodegradable ecotube)

tingly goodness for the driest lips

Price: $4.65
unscented organic herbal shampoo bar Unscented Herbal Shampoo Bar

Unscented Herbal Shampoo

Price: $6.15
LuSa Organics Forager's Tote LüSa Organics Messenger Tote

Nature Nurtures

Price: $24.00
magnesium oil Lavender Magnesium Mist

Magnesium matters.

Magnesium Mist (our version of ‘magnesium oil’) is crafted from simple, real ingredients. Ingredients your body needs. Spray it on once and you’ll never want to go without. Choose a method of use from the "directions" tab below.

Price: $11.35
citrus natural handmade organic soap Sunny Bliss

Sweet Orange & Clementine

Price: $6.15
herbal outdoors soap garden woods N'Itch Soap for Gardeners and Hikers

Infused with six organic botanicals

Price: $6.15