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The Love Bomb
love bomb for frontline workers

Do you know someone on the front lines during the COVID crisis? Healthcare workers, grocery staff, delivery people, childcare providers, and other workers are truly the heroes and sheroes of the day.

We created the Love Bomb just for them.

A carefully curated collection of LüSa products for this profoundly stressful time, it's a thoughtful way to say thanks to someone working hard to take care of the rest of us.

The Love Bomb includes one each of the following:
Calendula Lotion Bar, for over-washed, sanitizer-weary hands
Relaxing Essential Oil Roll-On
Sweet Orange Lip Balm
gentle and moisturizing Lullaby Soap and a sticker bearing a timely message of hope.

Don't forget the gift message for your (s)hero!

Gifting your Love Bomb to a front line hero? Use *coupon code "LOVEBOMBGIFT" for free US shipping on any gift order that includes a Love Bomb. Contact us for reduced shipping for international orders. (Feel free to add additional items as well, that will be shipped to the same address. A few suggestions are below.) *This is a proper coupon code, and belongs in the coupon field during checkout. Coupon for retail customers only.

As a courtesy, we ask you to reserve use of this coupon for gift orders only, please. Thank you!

Price: $30.50




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