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Locavore Soap Collection

Crafted from local grassfed tallow from small family farms. Exceptionally moisturizing and with a lather like no other. Palm oil-free!

eucalyptus lavender palm oil free organic soap Breathe Locavore Soap #1

eucalyptus & lavender

Price: $5.95
Charcoal Facial Bar Charcoal Facial Bar

beautiful skin

Price: $9.50
sandalwood patchouli palm oil free organic soap Dancin' Fool Locavore Soap #2

sandalwood & patchouli

Price: $5.95
lavender rosemary mint palm oil free organic soap Gaia's Garden Locavore Soap #3

lavender, rosemary, & mint

Price: $5.95
lavender chamomile palm oil free organic soap Lullaby Locavore Soap #5

lavender & chamomile

Price: $5.95
vetiver patchouli palm oil free organic soap Tofani (Naughty) Locavore Soap #6

vetiver & patchouli

Price: $5.95

Want to waste less and spend less? Then buy your soaps naked! Naked soap is the same as our boxed variety, but delivered without the packaging. No box, no sticker, no waste. Just soap, already naked and ready for the tub.