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Booty Balm® Regular (1.75-oz tin)
natural handmade organic baby skin care booty balm

Awarded the Best of Mothering Seal for Personal Care for Baby

Soothe sore skin.

Unquestionably our favorite product of all time, Booty Balm® is in action in our home on most days. Diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, drool rash, windburn, sunburn: try it on any sore or rashy skin.

Prefer scent-free baby care? Try our new Naked Booty. It's the Booty Balm you know and love, but without added essential oils. Perfect for newborns!


Size: 1.75 oz.
Price: $8.95


Ingredients Testimonials
*Olive oil, *jojoba oil, local beeswax, *avocado oil; flowers of *calendula, *lavender, and *chamomile; essential oil blend (lavender, patchouli, and chamomile).

*organic ingredient