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Rose Hip Nighttime Facial Elixir
Rose Hip Nighttime Facial Elixir

This bright, nourishing oil is the perfect nightcap for your skin. Infused with organic Saint Johnís wort, goji berries, licorice root, calendula flowers, and hibiscus, a little goes a long way! It only takes a few drops of this facial love potion to nourish you each evening. Essential oil-free, Rose Hip Nighttime Facial Elixir is ideal for the most sensitive skin.
Note: upon application, the rich orange hue of this herbal oil may slightly and temporarily warm your skin tone. Gently massage into face and neck until the oil absorbs completely to reduce this effect. (If this temporary pigment shift bothers you, use only a single drop each evening before bedtime).

Size: 1 fl. oz.
Price: $36.25


Ingredients Directions
*Rose hip oil, *jojoba oil herbal infusion (*Saint Johnís wort, *goji berries, *licorice root, *calendula flowers, and *hibiscus in *jojoba oil); *seabuckthorn oil, *meadowfoam oil, *avocado oil, *olive oil, and vitamin E.
*organic ingredient

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