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Organic Herbal Facial Steam
Organic Herbal Facial Steam

A simple, herbal facial steam is an often overlooked, but valuable self-care ritual. As beneficial to your spirit as much as your skin, a steam is an invitation to slow down and care for yourself for a moment. The blend we created includes tulsi (Holy Basil), calendula, elder flower, rose, lavender, turmeric, witch hazel, raspberry leaf, nettle, comfrey leaf, and yarrow for skin-nourishing, toning, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Size: .75 oz.
Price: $26.95


Ingredients Directions
*Holy Basil, *calendula, *elderflower, *rose, *lavender, *turmeric, *witch hazel, *raspberry leaf, *nettle, *comfrey leaf, *yarrow.
*organic ingredient

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