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LüSa Treasure Box
LuSa Treasure Box

A package from LüSa containing fresh, seasonal body care and other herbal goods. Hand-picked, limited-edition products, handmade just for you. Products you can't get anywhere else.

Each Treasure Box contains 5 to 6 full-sized products. Seasonal LüSa treats for face, hair and body; bath, health, and home.

Items in the upcoming Treasure Box season will differ from the examples pictured here.
Price: $56.75


Treasure Box Delivery: $56.75 plus $8.95 flat-rate shipping

Approximate delivery dates:
Spring: March 20
Summer: June 21
Autumn: September 23
Winter: December 21

Please note: You will receive the next Treasure Box that is scheduled to ship. Boxes ship one week before dates shown above.

This item does not qualify for free shipping.