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Hygge Lavender & Pine Liquid Soap
Hygge Lavender & Pine Liquid Soap

Our new liquid soap is made with organic oils and scented with EOs. The consistency of a castile soap crossed with the moisturizing quality you expect from LüSa. Perfection.

4 fl. oz.


A Danish word for coziness, warmth, and comfort that inspires a feeling of contentment and well-being.

"Hygge is the warm, contented feeling of gathering with loved ones around the wood stove. It is flickering candlelight, warm and wonderful scents, and community. It is finding delight in life's simple pleasures."

While difficult to pronounce, hygge is more concerned with feelings than pronunciation. Hygge is meant to be shared with those that you love.
Price: $8.25

Saponified oils of *coconut, *olive, and *jojoba; natural rosemary extract, *aloe vera, essential oil blend (lavender, pine, fir, juniperberry, clary sage).

*organic ingredient

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