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Citrus Handcrafted Soap

Our intention? To make soap so good that you have a better day just for having washed with it. Then your better day inspires another's better day and the whole world spirals into happiness. Not bad for simply washing up!

lemongrass ginger natural handmade organic soap Lemongrass Soap

Lemongrass & Ginger

Price: $6.15
orange cinnamon natural handmade organic soap Salute to the Sun Soap

Spicy Orange & Cinnamon

Price: $6.15
tangerine peppermint natural handmade organic soap Sweet Soul Sister Soap

Tangerine & Peppermint

Price: $6.15
patchouli orange lavender natural handmade organic soap Time Travel Soap

Patchouli, Orange, & Lavender

Price: $6.15

Want to waste less and spend less? Then buy your soaps naked! Naked soap is the same as our boxed variety, but delivered without the packaging. No box, no sticker, no waste. Just soap, already naked and ready for the tub.